The hungry gap: unless you’re a bee. Or a fox.

The sun is out and the field is full of lush green grass – things have never felt more fertile and productive. In self-sufficiency terms however, things have seldom been less busy. The vegetable patch is miles behind compared with previous years and apart from a few strawberries and the occasional egg (thanks hens) we’re not really producing anything edible. Strawberry omelette anyone?

We know that this is the ‘hungry gap’ between an early crop of asparagus and the main productive time of July to October, but it’s hard going in the meantime. Unless you’re an insect, in which case fill your boots.

Or, less amusingly, a fox.

The circle of life

This was the very disappointing scene that greeted me in the veg patch this week. I guess it’s the price we pay for letting the hens free range but an attack in broad daylight always seems unfair. I shall console myself with the thought that a mother has fed her cubs.

Strawberry omelettes are now off the menu.

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