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Sometimes living the rural dream is a full-time job (or so I like to claim) – and writing about it feels like just another item on the to-do list that can be put off until tomorrow. When there are animals to be fed, moved, cleaned out, butchered and cooked, logs to be chopped and stacked, fences repaired, trees planted – not to mention a vegetable garden to be coaxed into some form of productivity, there’s always something more important. Just writing that list has me reaching for the kettle. And perhaps it’s just me, but when I’m writing about what I’m doing, the activity feels more self-conscious and less authentic.

Honestly, I could write a book of excuses for not sitting down and doing what I do actually really want to do. (ie write this blog, not just put the kettle on). Come back soon for my bespoke courses in procrastinating. Just as soon as I’ve planned what they will comprise..

Enough. It’s time to write. Or have I got time for a quick cuddle with our increasingly un-feral cat? Go on then… 

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