Butchering the pigs

We’ve spent the weekend processing pork. On Friday we picked up the three pig carcasses from the abbatoir, Broomhalls in Eastington. They fitted snugly into the boot of the car, and while perfectly legal, it’s always a relief not to be stopped by the police with that kind of cargo on board.

Here they are hanging up in the old pantry.

Look who's hanging around in the pantry
Pigs hanging in sterile conditions in the pantry

Craig, who lives next door, took care of the butchery business, with the help of his father, and talked us through the different cuts so that we could work out whether to go for more shoulder joints or sausages, and whether to have the belly in roasting strips or for bacon.

Kempson and son prepare to go to work
Now where did I put that cleaver?

The pigs weighed about 55 kilos each.

Craig rolls and ties a joint while his Dad chops the chops
Craig rolls and ties a joint while his Dad chops the chops

One thought on “Butchering the pigs

  1. Reblogged this on Cooking with Mr Fitz and commented:
    I used to buy pigs.. Lambs.. sheeps.. and other animals.. carrying them in the boot was always a hoot.. that extra bit.. of “hmm if I DO get stopped.. how do I explain the leaking blood and the head in the boot? Fun days man! fun days

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