And the pig field was bare

It’s taken six months of hard rooting to turn the paddock from summer meadow:

Piglets arrive
First day on grass: the piglets take stock of their lush meadow home

into something more like a battlefield:

Welly-sucking clay
Six pigs, six months: wasteland

The field is now empty which is a little bit sad. We took the last two pigs today to Broomhalls Abbatoir in Eastington. It’s a friendly family-run place and as relaxing a place for the pigs to meet their maker as you could hope for. Ideally we’d do it at home and spare them the night in the trailer and 20-minute journey, but regulations are pretty strict and getting the bristles off is a pig of a job, apparently, so for £25 we’re happy to let nice Mr Broomhall do the business.

They have really piled on the weight in the last couple of weeks which is exciting. However the girls were not keen to get into the trailer and we spent about an hour on Thursday night “coaxing” them in.

Getting them out of the trailer was almost as difficult as getting them in  – perhaps they had an inkling this was a one way journey.

Craig and Polly collected the offal and some blood for black puddings and the carcasses stayed to hang until we collect them on Friday.

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