Greenhouse cleanup

Since the excitement of a daily tomato harvest has passed, the greenhouse has started to look like it’s being reclaimed by nature. Coupled with some hen-related untidying, it’s a sorry sight. Normally I would leave this until the moment it’s time to plant seeds but this year I’m determined to be more organised. 
Today was the last sunny autumnal day forecast for a while (probably the next 9 months actually) so perfect for garden activity. 

Ungardening, hen style
What a mess. Imagine the state of the house..

Here’s what I did..

  • Remove dead leaves and lightly prune vine while it’s dormant (and in case I forget to do it next month)
  • Pick last tomatoes and cut down stalks – keeping pots of used compost to reuse
  • Re-pot all the cuttings the hens have scattered onto the floor
  • Sort all pots – chuck broken ones, keep everything else ‘just in case’ I suddenly need 279 pots next year
  • Sweep dead leaves, pull up weeds
Enough to make Titchmarsh weep
That’s (a bit) better
The final harvest

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