Who’s left on the farm?

One little piggy might be in the freezer but we still have these two, enjoying a break from the mud in the garage.


The sheep are happy in their field, and getting used to a little bit of food in the morning as part of my taming procedure. Today I’m taking a fecal sample to the vet to see if they need worming. Which is nice.

Too cute to eat? Time will tell

The two brown sheep (Jacob/Charolais cross) are the tamest and rush up to me in the field demanding treats and cuddles.

AJF Summer 2014 101

This was what the chicks looked like when they arrived in May – nine adorable fluffy little birds. By the time they left the greenhouse to head off to North Nibley for the summer holidays they were rather more gangly, and on their return in September they were looking properly chickeny.

A few months later we segregated them – the three brown birds joined our other two brown hens in the hope they might lay some eggs. The white birds were more aggressive and at least two had been spotted cock-a-doodle-dooing so we assumed they were male.

Any nightclubs out there need door staff?

None has yet laid an egg, so they are all destined for the pot. D-day is Thursday and we have persuaded Craig and Polly to join us for ‘a day on the farm’. If we’re really lucky we’ll get them to worm the sheep and rebuild the pig’s house while we’re at it.

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